Roasted duck. Serrano white bean. Maitake Mushrooms. Vincotto. 



The kind of duck you see hanging from the window of a Chinese BBQ place in China.

That on top of ginger & maitake rice.. Green Thai Chiles + Scallions. Yes, I could totally make and eat this all day.


Gochujang Honey Duck. Michigan Morels. Asparagus. Carrots. Crispy Duck Skin. Cilantro Oil. 

Every morel season I either find a good amount or very few. This year happened to be very few but made the best out of it. 


Grew some really good things this year. Planted more plants then I should have and got more then I anticipated. You don’t see a lot of pineapple tomatillos or Chinese purple amaranth vegetables. I’m a huge fan of fire on my food so I had to get the Thai Chiles going. My mom grows almost the same thing every year and purple amaranth is always a top priority.

It was a few years back when I had worked at a private country club here in Michigan, Oakland Hills Country Club. They took us on a work field trip to The Chef’s Garden in Ohio. It was inspirational meeting Farmer Lee Jones because he is so committed to sustainable agricultural practices. There they were growing these little pineapple tomatillos they had us all try. You peel back the husk on these tomatillos and you’ll get a burst of sweet fruity flavor. So now it’s nice to have some growing in my own garden.


Last month I got another opportunity to do an outdoor dinner at Fisheye Farms! Located in the West Village area in Detroit comes a large lot with produce ranging from heirloom tomatoes to eggplant to a variety of fresh herbs.

The food I made was based around Spanish wines and ingredients from Fisheye Farms.

Photos by Scott Smith.


Pork Wontons. Green Thai Curry. Soy. Cilantro Oil. Chile Oil.

Obsessions with wontons and Thai curry are a thing. Both of those combined is a whole different story. Wontons are a staple in my house where it’s mainly made by my mom chopping her own ground pork. With a clever to be exact. Wrapped beautifully, bagged, locked and loaded in the freezer where they are waiting for me to eat them. Needless to say my mom is amazing.