Some people wonder what the real Chinese food is. A staple and popular dish in China is Lai Fun.

My dad hand makes the rice noodles into a pork broth & adds things like dried shrimp, Chinese bacon & Chinese sausage.



Last month I got another opportunity to do an outdoor dinner at Fisheye Farms! Located in the West Village area in Detroit comes a large lot with produce ranging from heirloom tomatoes to eggplant to a variety of fresh herbs.

The food I made was based around Spanish wines and ingredients from Fisheye Farms.

Photos by Scott Smith.


Pork Wontons. Green Thai Curry. Soy. Cilantro Oil. Chile Oil.

Obsessions with wontons and Thai curry are a thing. Both of those combined is a whole different story. Wontons are a staple in my house where it’s mainly made by my mom chopping her own ground pork. With a clever to be exact. Wrapped beautifully, bagged, locked and loaded in the freezer where they are waiting for me to eat them. Needless to say my mom is amazing.


Thyme Pork Wontons. Ginger Mushroom Broth. Poached Egg.

Wontons are a good idea no matter what day of the year it is. Not to mention anytime of day too. To me at least. It’s hard to avoid these when you’ve practically grew up eating and making them.


I had the pleasure of pairing a few gourmet chocolate Bon Bon Bon with these boards I made from recycle skateboards.

‘Bon Bon Bon’ with locations in both downtown Detroit & Hamtramck have countless flavors to choose from. The neat packaging yet complex to open is well worth it. Try and see for yourself. Will not dissapiont.

Here’s the ‘Cherry Luxardo’ & Green Tea! Along with the ‘Mustache’ with pistachio.

Find more of my work on recycled skateboard projects at GRNRTS!


Making French Macarons can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s taken me numerous attempts, trial and error to get them right. But practice makes perfect right? Almost. 

From sifting your dry ingredients to folding in your egg whites and the amount of time it’s left to sit out before you bake them will determine the outcome of your final product. 

For these I’ve added a coat of white chocolate, milk chocolate shavings and Falksalt Black Sea Salt. The filling will be determined by your imagination, however I ended up making a coconut whipped cream.