Liang’s BBQ Roasted Pork Belly. Chipotle Hoisin. Scallions.

Chinese classic. Growing up eating this was and still is such a treat. In China or Chinese culture, a whole roasted pig sitting on red paper signifies good luck for special occasions for families, businesses or spiritual events. A lot of meat shops in China, Hong Kong or Chinatown their store fronts will have a whole roasted pig hanging (along with a few other tasty animals) on display where it gets chopped to order for customers.

Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit with a Chinese family; the closest place to China was across the border to Windsor, Canada where there was a very small Chinatown strip if you will. My memory from when I was a little girl, all my family and I would go every weekend for dim sum and shopping. Near the dim sum restaurant there was the Chinese meat shop my family went to and that’s where I saw it all. From the whole roasted pig, ducks and chickens hanging from multiple hooks. Sitting below was numerous things from squid, tripe to intestines.

But the moral is it all comes back to the crispy skin; quite irresistible.

However, if you do want good already prepared roasted pork belly I do recommend Liang’s BBQ in Madison Heights, MI.


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