Thyme & pork wontons / Cilantro Chili Oil


It’s pretty much on fire. I’ve consumed and made so many different kinds of wontons in my life ever since I was a little girl. By far one of my favorite comfort foods whether it’s made just like this, steamed, in a soup/broth or deep fried; the possibilities are still endless.

I would have to say wontons and dumplings make me think of my mom because she taught me all the essentials behind them. Ever since I can remember she would make home made pork filling almost every week for all kinds of dishes. One being wontons. She would chop up pork by hand.. yes by hand with a giant clever and make her own filling. She’s pretty awesome. Fresh thyme is good on a majority of things. It tastes amazing to me and love using it with pork. The freshness it gives with the slight lemony flavor makes your tongue dance.

Pork (Pork Shoulder)
Mushrooms (Sauteed)
Green Onions
Sesame Oil
Chili Garlic Paste
White pepper

Cilantro Chili Oil:
Chili Garlic Paste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
White Pepper


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