Traditional gyoza’s are mainly filled with pork and seared on the bottom then steamed to finish cooking. Deep frying or boiling with soup are also ways to make them.

I wanted to make some sort of dumpling and incorporate one of my favorite dishes, Thai curry. Had some leftover chicken and that was the spicy lunch for the day which turned out nicely.

Growing up my mom and I would wrap Chinese dumplings or wontons on Saturday mornings. Sometimes we’d make soup with them or just pan sear them and eat with other soup. Those which are almost the same as gyoza considering it’s where gyoza originated from. Chinese dumplings are usually seared on all sides to give it a crispy texture all around rather then just the bottom.

You can make your own gyoza wrappers from scratch with just water, flour & salt but no one has time for that.

Gyoza Skins
Chicken Breast
Thai Green Curry
Beech Mushrooms
Red Onion
Orange Pepper
Chili & Garlic Paste
Fresh Garlic
Sesame Oil

Measurements aren’t really necessary for these type of things. Eye balling everything based off of how much protein you have will balance everything else out. The shorter shortcut..


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