Spill Your Yolk Out


Fried egg with bacon and cilantro butter.

An egg. There is honestly endless amount of things to think about when you think of an egg. It is a blank canvas and just about goes with anything. How it is all created is up to you.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? What to pair it with? How to eat it? How to cook it? Sweet or savory?

But it all comes down to the method of preparation. Personally when I think of eggs I think of breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day. I go to bed at night thinking what I will make for breakfast the next morning when I wake up. Normal right?.. Of course. Usually it will include an egg that is fried 80% of the time with similar ingredients but never the same.

In my mind egg sandwiches are the breakfasts of champions. You can literally make any sandwich you want and throw an egg in there and it will still be amazing no matter what.

Pictured above I made a Fried egg with bacon and cilantro butter. Throw this in between two pieces of bread, a bagel or pretzel roll and you’re good to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perhaps on top of pancakes or a piece of waffle or two. The options are endless and the creation that ends up on the plate is all in your tastebuds. Whether it is simple or complex it should always look nice on the plate.

Adding in a “yolkfall” always makes things more exciting.
So spill your yolk out. Not your heart.


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