Michigan Morels..

To the ones who appreciate the finer things in life will understand how much hard work it takes to hunt down these delicious little morsels. Hunting for morels only take place once a year in the early Spring time. But if you do not get out there quick enough you will not find any and will lead to disappointment. I know that from experience this year, not fun. 

However, when you do find a few or even pounds of it there is a lot you can do with them. Soups, sauté or frying them.

What my friend and I had done first was washed and soaked the morels in some water just to soften them a little because there are some morels that are thick. Simply just sauté the morels with some garlic, butter, herbs and seasonings. Next add in cream and soy sauce and let it all slowly reduce in the pan that way the morels will also be able to soak up all the flavors. A quick reduction of the cream and your morels are ready to eat with almost anything.

We had prepared whole pork filets from an Amish meat store with some roasted asparagus, potatoes & quinoa. All of that with the creamy soy and morel sauce right on top.

It truly is great to buy local produce and meats to cook with knowing that it is all fresh. Especially an ingredient so delicate makes dinner that much more exciting.


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