A Michigan Ice Cream Daze

Ice cream is always the first thing on my mind when it is summer time. Sometimes it is hard to choose what flavors to get when there are so many. Living in Michigan around the Detroit area has its many ethnic influences along with the birth of many outstanding foods.

But this waffle cone here is all about Michigan. A scoop of superman ice cream with colors of blue, red & yellow which originated in Detroit back in 80’s. Created by Stroh’s Ice Cream which is now owned by Dean Foods. The colors gives it it’s iconic look and taste. A lot of Michigan residents probably grew up licking superman ice cream.

The scoop on top is a Mackinac caramel fudge with little chocolate turtles within. The chocolate turtles were quite the surprise. Mackinac is famous for their fudge on the island and I don’t think anyone leaves that island without trying some of taking a couple pounds home. Caramel fudge & chocolate in an ice cream form is just hands down one of the best things to enjoy on a hot summer day in Michigan. 


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