Let’s think for a minute…

Can anyone imagine what it’d be like if everyone ate this? I mean how bad could it be? We already eat the animals flesh right off their bones. The brain should be a delicacy because it contains so much and its a pretty powerful organ.

Not sure how many stores in the city have beef brains. But if you happen to stumble across Arthur, Illinois where a small Amish town sits obnoxiously quiet, they have it all.Ā It is quite hard to take in their lifestyles and wonder why. They’re missing out on the advancement of the world or even how others portray food, like beef brains. They are stuck in the 1900’s with all the 1980’s technology. But if that is how they feel about life then more power to them.

Nothing goes to waste. Lamb fries were also available. That and brainsĀ have so much potential as to what it could be cooked and paired with. Deep fried would not be so bad, seared or thrown into a stir fry. Items like these being sold just shows you the raw reality.




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