Chili Garlic Fried RIce

Garlic Chili Fried RIce There is a lot that goes into a perfect fried rice. How do you tell? First thing you want to judge of course would be the rice itself. Not mushy, clumped together or soggy looking.

It’s “fried rice”. Each grain of rice should be nicely separated from each other while cooking in a high heat cooking equipment with soy sauce distributed evenly amongst every grain to a dark brown color. Best rice to use would be rice that has already been slightly or all the way cooled. Never freshly made rice because more then likely it is still very hot and has a lot of moisture in it still.  Using that will result in a soggy outcome.

Typically made in a large hot wok and you really want it hot. I like to cook my eggs first, crack it in there and instantly stir it around like you’re making scrambled eggs. Right as the eggs come to 70% of being fully cooked, add the rice . Have all your ingredients pre-cooked and ready (in this case I had pre made the bacon) then you can just throw whatever amount of things you want in with the rice, season with herbs, spices and soy sauce. Finish with freshly sliced green onions


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