Lemon Zest Blueberry Cheesecake


I must say this has been the best cheesecake I have made yet.
My best friend had a baby boy shower and this was quite fitting for the occasion. I had made enough for at least 80 people and then some. A lot more.. Enough to share with more friends.
Which I’m happy about because honestly it’s a really good recipe and turned out really good.

However, this recipe was influenced by Tyler Florence “The Ultimate Cheesecake” which is just a plain cheesecake. Took that and tweaked it a little bit and added my own flare. That’s what cooking is about right?

This cheesecake is basically three of my favorite things in one!!! What more could I ask for.
The cheesecake itself I threw in a bunch of lemon zest which I think is what does it. The blueberry compote I also added lemon zest which adds a lot more flavor and brightens up the blueberries and the compote all together. All of it eaten together is just delicious. This is a must make.


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