Quick Comfort.

Quick Comfort.

Noodles are a staple in Asian cuisine. Whether it’s rice, flour or egg noodles the the combinations are endless. From udon, ramen to spaghetti noodles; there’s no escaping. I grew up eating all sorts of noodles but mainly Asian style noodles. Typical Asian soup & noodle dishes are garnished with a couple proteins and vegetables.

Spam is a great accommodation if you’re up for that type of stuff. Fry an egg along with it and garnish it with some green onions and cilantro and you have yourself a quick snack. Or sear up some flank steak or Chinese BBQ roasted pork.

For a really quick broth; in the water you are cooking your noodles with just add spices and different flavoring. Have all these ingredients and your broth ready to go before you drop your noodles in so while the noodles are cooking it absorbs all the flavor that’s simmering in the broth.

My quick Asian style broth: Soy sauce, dash of sesame oil, pepper, ginger, garlic, mushrooms (for some earthy flavor) and my favorite and secret ingredient Togarashi (Japanese product with a mixture of chili pepper and couple other ingredients. Good for soups, flavoring meats and other proteins as well). With this quick broth you can add any type of noodles and even dumplings to enjoy something warm and comforting.


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