Crabby Crab Cakes.

Little Crabby Crab Cakes. I’ve come across a variety of crab cakes through out my work. But recently doing some private catering I discovered a really good recipe that hold up with a little extra boost and I got a chance to make it as well. Doing private catering for small parties is excellent because you can showcase different menu items you have to offer and make them how you want. Crab cakes at all locations will most likely be different anywhere you go. But your standard crab cake will and should at least have the crab, mayonnaise, dijon & worcestershire sauce. I’ve seen people add leeks, eggs(more for the binding aspect), hot sauce, old bay, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, capers, bread crumbs, crackers, panko, and the list is endless. Whatever you want to have in it is all you. But if you want to step up your crab cake game but keeping it simple as well then take a stab at this. Try adding some shrimp to the crab cakes. Not just chunks of shrimp but a smooth shrimp mousse folded into lump crab meat.

Different play, not your average crab cake and people will definitely not expect it. The shrimp mousse will give it that extra hold and seafood flavor that people love. Simply take shrimp and throw it in a robot coupe being careful to not over process it. Add in freshly chopped garlic, onions, old bay, paprika, lemon juice,  salt and lemon pepper. This way no extra binder of any type of gluten is really needed; might be slightly loose at first when forming the crab cakes but will hold once they start cooking. Portion them out and dip them in panko bread crumbs when searing them for extra crunch and browning.


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